You should have insurance for your medico legal expert work as an extension to your medical malpractice cover.

When you have completed the MedCo Mandatory Accredited Training through OPIL Bond Solon, you are eligible for reduced premiums for your medico legal work through the OPIL Bond Solon facility. Our experience has been that this saving can be significant compared to your current policy, and can offset some or all of your Medco Accredited Training costs.

Features of the OPIL Bond Solon scheme include:

  • Discounted premiums to recognise the reduction in your risk from completing training with OPIL Bond Solon.
  • Generous Limit of indemnity.
  • Low excess.
  • Cover for your legal defence costs – a key benefit where the risks may be low but the cost of defence can still be financially damaging.
  • Quick online quotations with premiums paid securely by credit card.
  • Monthly premium payment option.

Please note: the policy covers claims that arise from your medico legal work only and cover for treatment risks is not provided. If you need assistance with medical malpractice cover please email

Compare a quotation with the cost of your current insurance today to see how much you could save.

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The Insurer and policy

The OPIL Bond Solon policy is insured by HCC International, who have provided specialist cover for experts for years. A copy of the full policy wording can be downloaded from within the system once you begin your quotation. A summary of the policy can be viewed here.

Non-advised sale - please note:

The OPIL Bond Solon scheme is offered by Ntegrity Insurance Solutions Ltd on a 'non-advised' basis. This means that while we can help you with your application, we cannot advise you on the suitability of the product to meet your specific needs and you should take care to ensure that the policy is right for you. If your insurance needs are more complex, please call us on 01454 800800 and we'll be happy to help find another solution for you.

How the policies work and 'claims made' cover - what this means

Professional Indemnity insurance is arranged on a ‘claims made’ basis, which means that the policy will deal with any claim you first become aware of during the period of insurance, no matter when the work giving rise to the claim was performed. If you allow Professional Indemnity insurance to lapse, and become aware of a potential claim after cover has expired, you would be left without protection. It is therefore vital to maintain cover continuously against liabilities that might arise from your past after you have ceased to perform the work.

Terms of Business

Please review our Terms of Business Agreement for Commercial Online Buyers. This sets out the basis on which we work for you in delivering this insurance including the basis for the income we earn (see Section 13). Buying a policy online from us will be treated as your acceptance of our Terms of Business. If you have any questions on our Terms of Business please email

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